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Altoids Small Sugar Free Curiously Strong Mints, Peppermints Flavor - 0.37 Oz, 9 Pack
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Altoids Small Sugar Free Curiously Strong Mints, Peppermints Flavor - 0.37 Oz, 9 Pack

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35% Fewer calories than our regular mints.Naturally & Artificially Flavored Peppermint.


Curiously Strong

Curiously Small


Product Details:
Product Length: 5.1 inches
Product Width: 2.5 inches
Product Height: 1.8 inches
Product Weight: 0.45 pounds
Package Length: 5.1 inches
Package Width: 2.5 inches
Package Height: 1.8 inches
Package Weight: 0.45 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 33 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 33 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

5Altoid Smalls: great !!Nov 03, 2012
By Cynesige
I really love Altoid Smalls. I became a heavy Altoid user after I quit smoking a few years ago. They (and Starbrights) were the only things that could stave off my desire to smoke, with their super-strong peppermint taste. But, of course, regular Altoids are basically pure sugar, and are therefore very bad for the teeth. And regular Altoids do have calories, too: 3.33 calories each, which adds up if you're chewing through whole tins of them. So I decided to give the Smalls a try. Been hooked ever since. They've replaced EVERY other mint, hard candy and other similar product; in fact, I threw all the others out once I tried these, and haven't gone back. They aren't pleasantly chalky like regular Altoids, by the way; they have a smooth texture, which is not as good but has its own charm once you adjust to the change.

The details:
- the Smalls have a strong taste. Those who like the burning sensation of strong peppermint will really like these (conversely, those looking for more of a Tic-Tac level strength will be overwhelmed). Personally, I like the taste a lot.
- they have no sugar, so you can enjoy them and still have teeth in five or ten years
- they actually last a pretty long time. I've gotten as far as 25 minutes on one mint, though 9-10 minutes is more typical.
- they are a half-calorie each. An entire tin of 50 of them is only 25 calories. Even if you consume three tins of them in a day (which I have done) you're still only looking at 75 calories.
- they do contain Sorbitol, an ingredient in many diet candies and treats which gives some people ... how's a nice way to put this .... gassiness and a need to go to the bathroom frequently. I seem to have no or very little reaction to Sorbitol. But I think it's just luck of the draw; my wife reacts badly to it. However, an entire tin of these only contains 25 calories worth of candy with Sorbitol in it, roughly equivalent to, say, two or three sugar-free Starbrights. So, even those with some Sorbitol intolerance might not be too bothered by these, if consumed in reasonable quantities.

The summary:

For the orally-fixated amongst us, who must have something in their mouths at all times, Altoid Smalls are practically a god-send: a sugar-free, virtually no calorie, strong-tasting mint that tastes pretty good and come in a convenient 50-pack. As long as you are tolerant of Sorbitol, I think you'll be pretty satisfied with these. They are not as good as regular Altoids, but have no sugar and practically no calories. They are a nice alternative.

The only thing with the Smalls is learning to conserve them. There is a tendency to pop 3 or 4 of them in the mouth, chew through them, and then pop another 3 or 4. Getting it down to 1 mint and learning to savor it for a while can knock the daily consumption down from 3-4 tins to 1.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Can we just rename them to Smalltoids?Oct 04, 2013
By Love at First Book "Love at First Book"
I love everything about Altoids Smalls (aka in my world: Smalltoids, no lie. . . I won't call them anything else).

They are tasty. They are pretty. And they come in a fabulously-sized smalltoids tin that is PERFECT to reuse in my purse. I actually have one in my purse with push-pins because I like to be able to pin my Love at First Book business cards to community bulletin boards, and the container is the perfect size AND will never ever open up in my purse!

I keep packs of Smalltoids in my car, my purse, my husband has some at work in his desk. . .

I have also done comparison pricing, and they are cheaper when purchased here on Amazon.

I will continue to purchase this product.

Thanks for reading,

Rebecca @ Love at First Book

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Bought them for my husbandAug 10, 2013
By Texas2Step
My husband suffers from a dry mouth, a side effect of medication. He uses these great little mints to moisten it, and to keep his breath fresh. These are available in some local stores, but they are often sold out. It was easier to order in quantity and have them shipped than to go from store to store looking for them.

5Need more stars!Jun 27, 2010
By ihavewebfeet "Glass is the crack cocaine of the art world"
I love these for so many reasons...

Of course, they're awesome for fresh breath AND they're sugar free.

They also, at least to me, make an amazing cough suppressant when I'm having an allergy attack (dust, pollen...). Way better (and faster) than popping an antihistamine. I also tend to get a bit queasy on the winding roads in our area. Popping a few of these somehow alleviate that feeling. Oddly, the large sugary Altoids don't seem to pack enough punch to accomplish either of these. There's just something about the little ones.

The smaller size of the mints and their tins are also much easier to carry along than original Altoids. They take up very little room in my purse and nightstand. I'll wait on a box of these from Amazon before I'd buy a few tins of the original Altoids now!

5packs of great flavorApr 25, 2014
By asiam
i love these little mints! they pack a great punch. i can't find them anywhere on this island so buying them from amazon in bulk is great for my little altoids addiction! i also love these ones better than the originals because they come in a cute little case thats fits any pocket instead of the big container.

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